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  1. The Green Parent
    A magazine about enjoying a simple green life, created by a small group of passionate, green experts.


    Daily news, feature stories, and listings of recycling centers in the United States.
    Recycling basics and access to a directory of local recycling centers across the United States.
  3. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Wastes
    Waste-related topics, including resource conservation and hazardous wastes.
  4. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Planet Protectors Club
    Interactive activities and games about reducing wastes and conserving resources for children (grades K-5).
  5. Learn and Play the Green Way: Fun Activities with Reusable Materials
    Don't throw it away—use it for play! Over 100 fun and educational ideas that reuse common household items to build skills in physical, sensory, social and emotional, cognitive, and creative development areas. Ages 1-8.
  6. Teaching Kids About Recycling
    All about recycling.
  7. African American Environmentalist Association
    Environmental Concerns - Recycling


    Organic agriculture, food, and products.
  2. Organic Trade Association
    Resources for promoting and protecting the development of organic trade in North America
  3. Early Sprouts: Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children
    A research-based, twenty-four week curriculum engaging children in all aspects of plating, growing, and eating healthy produce.
  4. Organic Trade Association: Educational Materials for Young People

    Coloring pages and activities for educating children on all things organic.
  6. Early Sprouts: Cultivating Healthy food Choices in Young Children
    Counteract the prevalence of childhood obesity and establish lifelong healthy eating habits in children.
  7. Hollyhocks and Honeybees: Garden Projects for Young Children
    Tap ito your students' love of the outdoors with this complete gardening curriculum


  1. Ecomii Green Building
    Green building guides, articles, ideas, and tips.
  2. Energy Star
    A combined effort of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Energy-efficient products and practices.
  3. Water Use It Wisely
    A campaign for water conservation by getting the word out about “using water wisely.”
  4. Kids Saving Energy
    Games and information for children wanting to save energy and lesson plans for adults wanting to teach about energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  5. Energy Quest
    The California Energy Commission’s energy education Web site for children. Interactive learning experiences and teacher resources related to smart energy use.


  1. Carbon Footprint
    Carbon footprint information and carbon footprint calculators.
  2. Nature Rocks
    Information and activities for helping children and their caregivers explore and enjoy nature.
  3. Hey Kids! Out the Door, Let's Explore!
    The world around you is rich with learning opportunities. Use this emergent curriculum approach, which includes twenty-seven nature, community, and concept walks, to help children learn through the exploration of local gardens, grocery stores, construction sites, and more.
  4. Discovering Nature with Young Children
    Open young minds to the wonders of nature and build on their natural curiosity about the living world.
  5. Exploring Water with Young Children
    Develop children's scientific dispositions and deepen their understanding of liquids and the properties of water, including concepts related to water's flow, appearance, and effect on objects.


  1. Green Seal
    Resources for those committed to being environmentally responsible. Includes lists of Green Seal-certified products.
  2. Healthy Schools Campaign: Green Clean Schools
    Access to a useful green cleaning guide titled The Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools.
  3. ISSA: Green Cleaning
    Green cleaning, including product and ISSA resources.


  1. Environmental Working Group: Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database
    Environmental Working Group’s safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products.


  1. American Lung Association: Air Quality
    Detailed, digestible information about air quality—indoor, outdoor, and in general.
  2. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
    A green indoor air quality certified product guide.


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Includes an informational article on childhood lead exposure.
  2. Environmental Protection Agency: Lead
    Credible facts about lead, as well as tips for protecting against hazardous lead exposure.


  1. Your Guide to Green Living
    Basic information about how to choose nontoxic plastic toys.
  2. National Geographic’s Green Guide for Everyday Living: Plastic Containers Buying Guide
    A green buying guide for plastic containers.
    Toy safety, including the latest recalls and ways for keeping kids safe when it comes to toys.


  1. Environmental Working Group: Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides
    A shopping guide for buying organic and good conventionally-grown foods.
  2. Extremely Green: Organic Pest Control Guide
    An organic pest control guide.


  1. Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc.
    Available safe, non-toxic art and creative materials.
  2. US Consumer Product Safety Commission
    Information about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which intends to protect the public from consumer products that pose wellness risks.
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